Amazing Facts About Plantation Shutters You Probably Never Know

Plantation shutters are the most elegant thing that many people like to have for their home. In addition to the insulation benefits they provide for hot and cold weather, it adds beauty to your homes that in turn appreciate the value of your homes. You can transform your home into a whole new look. 

These are great window treatments to install because they will not only add elegance and value to your home but will also give you a feeling of warmth and security.

What most people think of plantation shutters is that they are expensive and impractical. But in reality, they are inexpensive when you discover their benefits. It really is worth every penny. As we all know, plantation shutters are a timeless classic that can still be found in many homes. 

They choose to have them because they can last for decades and with less maintenance. Also, they are easy to clean, you can clean them or even wash them; they are actually waterproof. Generally, what most consumers do is install them in the area where it is generally wet.

Amazing Facts About Plantation Shutters You Probably Never Know

Plantation shutters are really profitable and will dramatically reduce your bills. It provides insulation that will eliminate the need for radiators in winter and a cooling fan in summer. Also, since the blinds allow enough sunlight to enter your area, it may not be necessary to turn the lights on during the day, as enough sunlight can pass through the blinds.

Since the plantation shutters are permanent, it is not necessary to change them quarterly or annually like any other window treatment, such as curtains. Also, its low-cost alternative, which is blinds, is not robust enough to last a decade compared to its durability. 

However, they are made by different manufacturers, so you cannot be sure of their quality. In addition, there are certain types of wood plantation shutters that have a high tolerance for extreme climates. You need to make sure you choose the best quality; you can do this by asking the supplier.

There are also custom blinds that allow the customer to select the type, color, and size of the blinds they want at their discretion. With this, you will have no trouble choosing the right combination of planting blinds that will complement your home.

Shutter location: indoor vs. outdoor

Interior Blinds - These blinds can be easily adjusted from the inside in terms of confidentiality. Additionally, interior window coverings offer many options for the homeowner, such as full-height part-level window coverings. Otherwise, you can also have custom blinds built to your specifications.

Exterior Blinds - Most of the time, windows outside your home are intended for aesthetic purposes or for an edge effect. On the other hand, they can be functional because they offer privacy.

Panel styles:

Blinds - These blinds have a series of overlapping wooden slats in the same frame and are used for both interior and exterior blinds. They can be adjusted to let in more or less light. These blinds add a country look to your home.

Raised panel: These blinds are made with box-shaped designs where a series of rectangular features will stand out from the rest of the frame. This shutter design is generally identical to your kitchen cabinets.

Shaker: It looks like the blind with a raised panel but has a flat body. The rectangular shape gives you a more pleasant and detailed appearance without having to go outside.

Plantation: These blinds offer wide blinds or angled slats fixed around a series of invitations and also allow light to move through them.

Others: There are many other panel styles that can also be considered, including semi-blinds, Scandinavians, planks, and slats.

Window cover:

Brown style: windows with this type of covering combine a planting configuration at the bottom of the window. This gives it a nicer look that also adds an amazing look with a strong sense of detail in mind.

Total height: this type of cover can be combined with any type of blind and complete blinds.

Level to Level: This type of window coverage gives you the ability to choose which part of your window you want to open and which part you want to close.

Shutter Shapes: There are a number of shutter shapes among the most popular options. Some of these shapes are arch, rectangle, French door sections, trapezoid, circles, and special shapes like a perfect arch, full arch, brow bone, corner vertex, octagon, etc.

Accordion Blinds - Most blinds are single panels, meaning they have no folds. However, for larger windows, folding blinds are a better option than non-folding blinds. There are three types of blinds with respect to panel folds:


Shade Materials: While researching shades, there are many great materials available for you to see. And as an owner, you must choose the option that works best for you. Available materials include wood, engineered wood, laminate, PVC, metal, and synthetic foam. Choose the material for your home blinds wisely.

In general, plantation shutters offer a lot not only to your home but to homeowners as well. It may be a legacy that can last from generation to generation.

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