Incredible Features of Automated Driveway Gates

For homeowners, safety and privacy are the two top priorities and they are followed by looks, convenience, and so on. There are not too many fences and gates installations that have a blend of all these things, but one that has all these elements is the automated driveway gates. They are more in trend all across the globe because they make access to your property really very hard and virtually impossible in some cases. At the first glance, they will look like any other ordinary gate, but upon studying about them or after using them, you will come to know about the features and characteristics they have.

There are numerous of them and all of them combine to make the property highly secure, inaccessible, and totally private for property owners. Not to mention that they will improve the aesthetics and looks too that will straightaway translate into the enhanced resale value of the property. 

Let us now quickly get an overview of the top features that automated driveway gates should have. However, before this, it is important to know that the standard features are the same in them and you can get them tailor-made to suit your requirements and preferences. Ideally, the standard features of automated driveway gates are -

  • Easy sliding or swing motion at the touch of a button
  • Anti-crushing and infrared beam protection
  • Driveway gates come with standard sensors
  • Additional infra-red beam set to stop the gate from closing on anything anyway
  • Settings to allow you to only open the gate for a pedestrian
  • A free exit loop to allow easy exit for the person inside the property without bothering you

Additional Security Features

In some cases, it has been suggested by the vendors of fences and gates and Colorbond gates that they can also be fitted with a security keypad that can give access to anyone.

However, for the passage, the person trying to get access will have to enter the access code and only upon entering the right code, will see the automated driveway gates getting opened.

Some of them even have an intercom system fitted that the outsider can use to call you from outside and request you to give access to the property using the remote that you have.

Exceptional Quality Running

You will also find these gates having a really impressive battery backup to help in the opening and closing of the gate even in case of power failure.
Reputed vendors of fences and gates can install solar panels above the gates to chare the battery without increasing your electricity bills.
With batteries and solar panels, these gates will continue to work even when there is no electricity in your neighborhood.

All these features combine to make the best quality automated driveway gates that can be installed in a residential or commercial property to limit the access of unauthorized people. But at the time of installation, you need to ensure that you have chosen the best gate, and motor, that you can afford. 

This will put a huge impact on its performance, its overall life, and the expenses that you will face as a part of maintenance and repair. These fences are specially designed for the aesthetic purpose that has intricate and detailed work done on the fences that surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home like never before. 

Such fencing also drastically increases your property value, in case if you are planning to sell it off. You can also pick up wooden trellis fencing or picket fencing for this purpose. Such fencings are short on privacy and security factor but if you use it as an internal divider of the garden then they can be a nice addition to your home.

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