What Are The Differences Between Household And Commercial Waste?

All most every activity that you do every day generates waste. All of this waste generated is divided into two categories when it comes to waste disposal. Depending upon how the waste is made, it is classified as household or commercial misuse. Reigate rubbish collection and disposal guidelines are set accordingly for each type.

Household and Business Waste: A Comparison

All the solid waste that is generated by private homes is known as household waste. This is the waste that is generated in your day to day lives only. It includes kitchen and garden waste, clothes, newspapers, bottles, and cans, among other things. Both recyclable and disposable items come under this category. 

These are usually stored in bins provided by your waste collector. The collection is done a few times in a week depending upon the area you live in. This waste is easy to get rid of and doesn't need a lot of attention.

What Are The Differences Between Household And Commercial Waste?

On the other hand, commercial waste has some stringent guidelines that come with it. Any garbage that has been generated because of commercial operations comes under this category. Even if you run a business from your home, all business-related waste is industrial waste. These have to be stored in specially designed bins, especially if the waste is hazardous. 

A small mistake might rake up a big fine, so you should be careful with it. You will have to hire professionals to take care of the collection, disposal, and recycling process to stay out of trouble.

There are also significant differences in terms of handling household and business wastes. It is a lot simpler to manage the debris generated by the household as the local councils are legally bound to collect these wastes by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

Usually, two bins are provided by the commission. They are collected at a scheduled time and comes as a free service in the beginning. The garden waste bins can also be availed at an extra charge. The two bins are meant for general and recyclable trash. If there are items that can be reused or recycled and are bulkier, then the local council even offers additional support to get them collected.

On the other hand, there is a specific set of rules for handling business wastes. The wastes, if they come under the hazardous category but be kept in individual containers. An exclusive contract should be executed with a licensed waste carrier for the collection and disposal of the trash. 

It is vital to have proof of an agreement in case some difficulties arise. The businesses need to follow a code of practice to meet all the requirements related to waste management. They remain firmly bound by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (section 34(7)) to put all the rules in practice. If they fail to do so, then it would be considered as a severe offense, and there is no upper limit to the fines to be charged for it by the court of law.

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As per the requirement, you should choose a rubbish removal in Reigate. But before proceeding for a rubbish collection service you should have some understanding of the standard of an excellent rubbish collection service.

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